Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lately: Big Decisions

First off, I have wrapped up the ski season and gone planting once again. I managed to squeeze in a few motel shifts in the Kootenays and am now based in Princeton in a camp until the end of June. I'm with a good company (A & G reforestation LTD.) but I'm losing passion for the craft as I'm in pain all the time. I think my production is affected.

 I had a third MRI  on my left ankle in late April and though I haven't talked to my doctor yet, the immediate results don't look promising. I still have an ostechondral defect in the ankle, but as a have not talked to my surgeon yet I don't know if shows signs of improvements over previous MRI's. The report also lists soft tissue damage and other tendon issues. The day I received the report was a rough one.

For now I'm just going to push through the pain until I talk to the surgeon on the 31st of May. I got into Carlton University in Ottawa and if surgery is necessary I will get it sometime soon and go to school and start to pursue my career in Industrial Design.

If it looks like I can heal on my own I will consider skiing again. My skiing goals are still a large priority, especially as this last season was so compromised.  Technically I managed to ski this season, but the whole experience was held back and painful. I never once felt like a was skiing at 100%.

What one could call "the freedom of feet" is something I will never take for granted again. If getting surgery means I can do things like pick up soccer, or  even run, then it's worth taking a year off any high impact for surgery. I'm not myself the way I am now.

This is a summary of my thoughts at the moment, practically in bullet point. For now, I've got trees to plant, life decisions to make and a much neglected instagram to serve. I have some footage saved up but I'm waiting to make plans for next year to decide what to do with it for now.

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