Tuesday, January 25, 2011

LATELY: I am in Colorado

I just got in to Colorado last night. We're here for the Hole-Shot Skier-X and Boarder-X tour. The BCSX team has already gone to Mt. Hood Meadows for a race, one that I missed out on because I was at Red. It's nice to be on the road with a ski team again, shockingly similar to times in K1 and K2. The course here is nothing short of gnar. Quick jumps and transitions, and some noticeable airs. My GoPro SD card was full this morning, however I managed to get some shots with my SLR. quick stuff from the road. 

Colorado from the Air
Cat Blair in a truck

A gas station through the frozen truck window

Monday, January 24, 2011

Photos of Canadian Open By Vinzenz Keller

The most fun part of a competition is getting a bunch of like minded skiers together and shredding. We got some cool photos after the competition ended on Saturday afternoon.

Hand Drag
Half-Cab into an open mine
Three Backflips- Dylan Siggers, Jon Grierson, and myself

Sunday, January 23, 2011

LATELY: At Red Mt.

Right now is a very busy time for me. I just got back from The Canadian Open Freeskiing Championships at Red Mountain. It only got better at Red once we arrived. It snowed enough to keep the course soft, I skied a conservative but solid run for qualifiers and placed 3rd, and my good friend Jon Grierson made it into finals as well. For finals ended up 7th. I lost a lot of points on my final run, and to be frank, I don't really know what happened, but I felt I had a really good run and that's what counts. I've taken some gopro screenshots that come a bit short of showing our experience at red, but will have to suffice. We ran out of battery for the last day so expect a little video once we've got some more footage.   

The Road
Blue Skies
Critical 180
Jon Slashing

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Photos

Shifty 180
My straight rad roommate Chantelle went up the hill today despite a hangover and we got a couple photographs. Thanks Chantelle. 
FS Royale

Shifty/Backscratcher 180

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

LATELY: I've had little to post.

The holidays, the time at which we go back to our families and for some, miss a couple days of skiing. I'm filled with regret with how little effort I've put into filming, being filmed, or shooting photos, however the fact is that I have been to busy skiing. Lately the team has skied an insane amount of GS, which is great, aside from the bruises. I've been going to the gym and have cut a lot of substances from my life since new years, and though I can't say I have  a new mental clarity, I do have a new perspective on what said substances mean to me. I made a trick list on Dec. 12, and now there are only a few tricks left on it. I'm looking forward to completing the list within the next few days and then using my imagination to create a new one.

Trick list
I'm gonna bring out my gopro tomorrow and try to get some interesting footage. I've got an idea for a little video series that will simply involve single tricks or lines skied by myself or my friends. I also hope to get out and film some SkierX stuff.