Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nobody could say it was a stupid idea because I was by myself

One thing is inevitable when working with other people: compromises. When it comes to jumps a group of people might make something big or consequential, but rarely weird. In my head, I keep ideas that would be shut down in the context of a group project. When I stayed up on the mountain after close the other day with extra energy and a shovel I wanted to make something unique and uncompromising. If it wasn't going to work for skiing, I would worry about that when I was finished.

I ended up staying up till nine at night in the rain and dark to finish this bowl. I haven't gotten all the lines on it that I had thought about when building but I'm not done skiing it yet. I think I'll hike up after Whistler closes and session the bowl. Due to the fact it's built between freight containers it's pretty photogenic. The way it wraps around is ideal for a fisheye lens.

 All I've gotten so far on it are stalls to fakie and some airs around the bowl to where the exposed plywood is (used to be covered (design flaw)). The airs are scary because you're popping off of over-vert and looking down to the flat mid-air.

Message me on facebook if you want to know the location. For now it's a secret.

How many lines can you think of?

dirt gap

I like to do skiing that I can't call urban but is the same style using resort infrastructure and side hits.

This is a the ride-away from a dirt gap on the way down to Creekside.

This was the first hit. A straight air, totally guessing the speed.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Writing from the mountainside:

Written around April 1st:

Right now I'm sitting on a mountainside just above the whistler valley. I don't know if it's Mt. Rainbow or Rainbow Lake or valley or whatever. It's just Rainbow and I'm waiting for a shuttle to get a little higher.

My phone isn't exactly the best word processor so I'm going to write this and spell check it later (Done). Its warming up a bit which might suck. I have some anxiety but it's new a calm type, always present in the back of my head. Frequently I'm thinking about being really conservative instead of the huck mentality. These are two different things and don't work at the same time. On the lifts you don't have to think about conservative compromises. Here you do, but I also have

 It's totally quiet here which makes waiting nicer. Time to put my phone away I need to use a washroom with an awesome view.

I have more or less the best reason for not posting all march. I was skiing a lot because the conditions are terrific.

New edit

Jack and I skied with each other almost everyday over the last month. We stacked some clips together and here they are.