Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lately: I feel spoiled

There some of parents out there that wouldn't comply with their child moving away from home to ski at a time when most of that childs peers are entering post-secondary education. Even less parents support that decision. Mine have. By no means have I had a lot of success here, but I'd be much worse off if my parents hadn't made moves to help me. Justifying pairs of skis and seasons passes as birthday presents, masking trips to comps as vacations, and paying for pricey car repairs as an early christmas gift, not to mention lending me money when work has gotten skimpy and I can't make rent. I thought the minute I left home that I had entered a world entirely of my own so I'm not sure where I stand on responsibility now. Some unlucky things have happened to me lately and I don't know whether I should shrug them off and pay the consequence or if these unfortunate events are evidence that I need to rethink things and make changes. I hope I can figure this out soon. Thank you to my mother and father for being so kind.

Lately: bullet points

-I've probably skied about 25 days this season
-I'm bussing/ working bar back at a local bar/ restaurant
-I got my drivers license October 29th and got my first car a few weeks later
-I've decided to do a few freeride world tour qualifier events and a few opens as well this season, as well as anything I can do to get photos/footage
-I was given free gear for the first time when Romp outerwear hooked me up with some jackets and pants last week (
-I got some training in throughout the fall and right before the season my max squat was 275 lbs
-Since opening day I haven't kept up to well but I've started yoga and seem to be past a period of apathy
-Skiing is going ok, I've been doing some park, some powder, and a lot of riding around doing random hits
-It's snowing very heavily outside at this moment