Friday, September 25, 2015


Because you could see this on the Whistler website but I want your views....


I finally got my sling off and am now reaping the benefits of physical activity. I've never appreciated being able to run so much, I've also never had such sore legs. It will be a long road though and I don't think I'll be skiing really until around January. Regardless, I'm super happy to ditch the sling and exercise! As soon as I left the hospital I hiked up to the new Sea to Sky Gondola. The whole thing hurt a lot but I finished it off with a dip in a cold creek and my muscle recovery was fast forwarded considerably.

Being back in Squamish and Whistler made me wish that they had cold glacier fed creeks in the city. For my first few years in Whistler I always defined myself as a city kid, citing the lack of cultural diversity. Really though now I'm back in Vancouver I'm spending all my money on sushi and craving for a cold creek to jump in. I just can't find my place.

On a random note I found a bail mixtape that I'm now going to re-do and put up here soon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I'm pretty sure the Doc said this was OK. 

The Fall Zone

About two weeks ago a windy rainstorm rolled into the PNW and it was ruled that it was no longer summer. I don't have any authority on this but it's really a matter of perspective. All skiers are now thinking forward; they are no longer in the present, laughing about the summer heat. Snow even accumulated on the peak of Whistler.

I don't really even have my winter figured out yet. My plan for the fall is to train and work in Vancouver, then return to Whistler for opening day. This winter is set to be a good one though. I have the money to buy a snowmobile, so once I pull the trigger on that I've taken a big step. Other than that I just want to do as many trips as possible, including one to Japan and some big mountain comps.

The last month since surgery has been kinda. Looking back I realize that being an athlete means more than excelling just when you're at you're best. Just Six more days until I can return to low impact activity. I bought some new runners and I'm super excited to put a bunch of energy into that and get real fast on the concrete, track, and trails. For now though I'm just trying to take it easy, but not too easy.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lately: On the Wagon

[Intro: Scarface]
I sit alone in my four-cornered room staring at candles
Oh that shit is on?
Let me drop some shit like this here, real smooth

I had shoulder surgery a few weeks ago. In lying around and letting my endorphin levels drop I became less happy. Any sense of purpose is a good one so when I had no work out and no job to wake up to I desperately started to think of other things to do. 

For a little while all the stimulus in a bar or night club can make you feel busy. Going through the motions of a night out is a process. Before even leaving the house you've got to nail an outfit, then consuming alcohol becomes an objective. Then inside the club humans chase each other in chaotic mash of music and lights. After all that whatever happens, happens. The day after we are preoccupied battling a hangover. Alcohol affords us this experience and all parts of it are heavily engrained in youth culture. 

I'm out though. I never really drank a lot but at this point I've been around drinking enough to see the cons outweigh the pros for me. A week in, my world hasn't changed yet however if I keep this up all fall and through the ski season maybe I'll see some changes. It's yet to been seen though.