Saturday, April 16, 2011

BCSX Red Mountain Ski Cross

A picture of myself that I very much like showed up on BCSX's facebook page. Finally tucking in something of a more pinner fashion. 


-ski fast
-build jumps 
-ski steeps
-do urban
-learn tricks 
-straight line often 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

LATELY: Failed Consistency / My Room

Life has been good during the last little while. At the very beginning of April I went to Lake Louse for the Ski Cross Nationals, I had the pleasure of going against some of the best racers in the world. (Chris Del Bosco, Davey Barr, Dave Duncan, and Brian Bennet).The trip also included a satisfying result, 12th place. Lake Louise also hosted some partying during our presence. After Nationals I stayed in Calgary for a night, meeting up with a good friend and exploring the frigid city. After a couple days of work in Vancouver I found myself back at home. 

The skiing in whistler is excellent right now. I've lost a lot of interest in skiing park. Because of the soft, chalky snow that hung around in the alpine last week I  found myself shredding the steeps and bowls. Since then we've had a couple solid dumps of snow and I've simply been having to much fun using natural terrain to go anywhere near the park.

Today I felt inspired to take some photos of my room. I have gained interest in design lately. My room is fairly small and I've been moving stuff and changing it to make it comfortable and interesting.

I've been looking through a book called "Tokyo - A Certain Style" lately. The book focuses on tiny spaces and how Tokyo locals have coped with lots of stuff and little space. I don't have a lot of stuff, however the style of chaotically stacking stuff that dominates Tokyos apartments appeals to me, largely in my closet space. 

On another note, after seeing a brightly colored group of Japanese snowboarders on the hill today, I want to start a snow sartorialist.