Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LATELY: Nov. 18- Dec. 20.

Posts that are titled 'Lately' will consist of text and photo tangents filling in periods of my life that are not shown on this blog otherwise. 

I moved from Vancouver BC to Whistler BC on November 17, several days earlier than expected, due to an early resort opening. Since then I've developed a lifestyle that allows me to ski everyday, (a lifestyle largely achieved by being unemployed) something that for a long time I have aspired to do. Though my original focus this year was to compete in  freeskiing events, I joined the BC skier cross team on something of a whim in hopes of establishing a training routine and, to be honest, to go fast on skis once again.

Combining SkierX and freeskiing has been much easier than expected, in fact I think that they compliment one another. Coming back to gates and flat tailed skis has been humbling and sometimes frustrating. Regardless, from a critical perspective, I am a faster racer now than I was before. During the early Season I was plagued by equipment issues. Dealing with binding pullouts, worn boot soles that caused pre releases, and delamination. One weekend on a GS course I fell, and stood up to discover that my tail had split into pieces, rendering the ski useless.

Since then, i went on a bit of a gear spree. Buying boots.
And some park skis!
Park skiing is my weakest discipline. It is a challenge to transfer fundamental ski skills into the park, only making me want to do it more. And though the style of skiers one might see in the park tend to epitomize conformity, some park skiing today remains a true free type of skiing that allows for a wide range of style.  I'm looking forward to days of lapping catskinner chair, learning and thinking of new tricks with friends.