Friday, October 31, 2014

Guess Who's Back? (+Happy Halloween)

-- Me, obviously. I just take any chance I get to make an Eminem reference.

Since last season ended I've done a bit of reflecting upon myself and my skiing. I came to the conclusion that I've failed. I think that I lacked confidence to identify myself as someone who wants to be a pro skier, and in turn didn't set up  clear goals. Continuously I would shy away from presenting myself as someone who has serious ambitions. Now, two years later I've ended up without anything that I am content with. On the other hand, I skied everyday, got some really fun lines, choked on deep snow (asthma be damned) and got to spend quality time with people I hardly even disliked that much. Even though I've put off a part of my future for another few years, and I haven't gone anywhere in terms of being a pro skier; It has sure been a hedonistic road for someone who just likes to ski. Progress brings pleasure too though and I have to pursue my dream 

My plans this year aren't yet clear as crystal, but some do exist. I want to make an entry for Superunkown come February, do a few big mountain comps (Crystal and Wrangle the Chute top the list), and take cool trips around BC with the homies.  My main goal for season  as a whole will be to produce as much quality skiing footage as possible. Preferably all backcountry, any opportunity I have, I'll take.

PSA: When the snow comes down and you're thinking about going and filming something, think of me: Jacob Boyd. Touring, urban, park,  you want to take me sledding?  I have to do what? uhhh... OK. Fine.

I'll be there. Get at me any way you know.

What happened in the summer? How was tree planting? Is it true your current boss believes in the chemtrail conspiracy? How clean is your pad? All for another time friends. I've got the day off and I gonna make my place shiny so I can write about it later.

Keep it bleachy,