Sunday, September 23, 2012

Defining a Free Skier

I think that what defines a freeskier can be broken down into three sorts of values. These are both aspects of a skiers perspective, and of their skiing itself.

Originality within skiing is the choices you make regarding what tricks you do or what line you take. The way that your decision making has your skiing set apart from others. Within freeskiing today originality is the least common of these values.

Style is your own twist on how you move skiing. Often, styles come naturally. Style is how you look. It can be influenced by music, your crew, or other sports you have done. Style is consistently evolving in skiing, but will never have a golden standard as it will always belong to the individual skier.

Skill is the level of your game, so simple it can be broken down into numbers. The spins you can do, the cliffs you can drop, and your ability to excel in all sorts of situations. Skills are what win competitions and are usually noticed right off the bat. A truly skillful skier is hardly denied credit.

Lately: ?

The summer has been an odd one. In the last few weeks I feel that I've sharpened my perspective on things, however this occurred after I had slowly shifted my mindset in a blurred direction throughout the summer. I've wasted a fair amount of time in the last few months. Choosing one job and and quitting another in the beginning of the summer. I ended up losing focus and never working a whole lot, spending lots of time doing nothing in particular. It wasn't a bad summer, however I do regret coming out it without producing anything. ($)

Even though it's still warm, it is fall now and coincidentally things have changed for me. I look forward to the rain for the sake of the simplicity it provides.The next few months won't be crazy, successes will numbers in the gym and lows will be bad days at work. However I'm sleeping with my skis bedside, not losing any focus.