Friday, December 1, 2017


You will need a pen, write down your answer selection and refer to bottom for answers.


1. What is the ender in Bobby Brown's Be Water?

a. Double Backflip
b. Double cork 1260° Mute
c. Cork 720° Blunt
d. Switch Double Cork 900° Japan

2. In the first of Candide Thovex's One of Those Days series, Candide jumps over a _________?

a. Swimming Pool
b. Multiple Cows
c. Police Car
d. Paraglider

3. Before Armada What was Tanner Hall's ski sponsor? 

a. Rossignol
b. Salomon
c. Elan
d. K2

4. Who currently hold the record for highest air in skiing? 

a. Joffrey Pollet-Villard
b. Simon Dumont
c. Joss Christensen 
d. David Wise


5. Which ski movie scene used Tears for Fears, Shout as its song?

a. MSP's Ruin and Rose, Marcus Eder
b. Superproof's The Recruitment, Sean Pettit
c. Inspired Media's Believe, Haines
d. Leve 1's Small World, Will Wesson

6. What backcountry freestyle skier is best known for the hood-over-helmet style?

a. Banks Gilberti
b. Mitchell Brower
c. Sean Pettit
d. Chris Logan

7. What pro skier owned Joystick Poles? 

a. Anthony Boronowski
b. Blake Nyman
c. Eric Pollard
d. Banks Gilberti


8. Scot Schmidt, legendary freeskier grew up in which state? 

a. California
b. Colorado
c. Montana
d. Wyoming

9. Sage Cattabriga-Alosa cemented his career with TGR by landing what trick on Pyramid Gap? 

a. D-spin
b. double backflip
c. double frontflip
d. 1080° mute

10. After Sammy C. and Bobby Brown who was the third skier to triple cork? 

a. Bene Mayr
b. Dane Tudor
c. Gus Kenworthy
d. Henrik Harlaut


D, C, A, D, C, B, A, C, C, B

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